The Best Way to Learn a Language is by Speaking Loudly.

We believe the best way to learn a language is by speaking loudly and repeatedly, just like a baby when he starts to talk. That is why we developed the free Android App, OpenMouth Spoken Chinese & English.

OpenMouth Spoken Chinese and English helps you to learn Chinese (Mandarin Chinese) or English (American English) by encouraging you to speak loudly and repeatedly. It corrects the abnormal situation that language learning is a silent process.

It contains the most frequently used Mandarin Chinese or American English phases. You may follow the audio and repeat the pronunciation. The app can hear your voice, evaluate your pronunciation, and give feedback.

Open you mouth, start from basic words and phases, learn like a baby, learn from OpenMouth.

OpenMouth Spoken Chinese & English Features

  • the most frequently used Mandarin Chinese or American English phases with real human pronunciation;
  • the real time smart rating and feedback of your Mandarin Chinese or American English pronunciation;
  • learn Chinese from people who speaks Chinese or learn English from people who speaks English;
  • give other people an opportunity to learn your native language.